Fun facts

Two cruise ships are permitted to enter Glacier Bay each day during the high season but cannot dock anywhere in the area. Leaving the town wide open to explore for independent travelers.

Gustavus is actually part of the mainland but there are no roads in or out. Visitors feel like they are on an island.

Some Gustavus roads are named for the original homesteaders. For many years, most roads had no street signs and everyone just navigated by landmarks. For example, “Turn at the red shed.”

Designated non-motorized waters within Glacier Bay National Park, allows kayakers to paddle without the intrusion of vessel noise, enabling them to hear the natural soundscape.

Gustavus has some of the fastest glacial rebound anywhere on earth. There are houses you can see from the Gustavus Beach that used to be waterfront property however, due to the land rising, they are now hundreds of feet back from the shore!

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