Glaciers & Other Natural Wonders

Within 14 miles of town, along some of Skagway’s hiking trails is the Denver Icefield, offering numerous glacial fingers. Laughton Glacier is three miles north of Denver’s northern edge. Gain access to the trailhead leading to the Laughton Glacier using the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad. No matter which trail you access, you’ll run into canyons, waterfalls, lakes, high mountains and wildlife.

Starting in nearby Dyea, hike the 33-mile long Chilkoot Trail. Originally used by Native people for trade with residents of the interior, it takes a hiker through three climate zones: coastal rainforest, high alpine above the treeline and boreal (or snow) forest. There are many natural features and historical sites along the way, as well as designated campgrounds. It normally takes hikers three to five days to get from Dyea to the end at Bennett Lake, just south of the British Columbia/Yukon border. Sights along the trail are magnificent.

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